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Don’t be daunted by the thought of bathroom remodelling or kitchen renovations – one call to Skidder Construction is all you need for any type of general contracting services in Houston.

We understand that home remodeling can be a source of frustration for many homeowners. It can be difficult to find the paint colors and countertops that suit your style and your budget, especially when two or more homeowners under the same roof have opposing styles.


Save your relationship and save money by having your home renovations in Houston expertly taken care of by Skidder Construction. As a professional general contractor, we have access to a broad range of products. We know your budget is important, so, using our years of experience, we suggest products and solutions that match your vision and your price range.

There is no need to procrastinate. Whether you need a functional mud room or a complete home overhaul, Skidder Construction is the general contractor in Houston that takes the stress out of your project and turns it into a fun adventure with outstanding results.

Complete Renovation Services

Unless you have access to a list of trustworthy tradespeople that can work with each other’s schedules, and unless you have expert knowledge of wiring, lighting, interior design, cabinet installation, grouting, laying tile and more, do not – I repeat: do not–attempt to do your own complete home renovation.

Reality shows make it look so easy. Ex-entertainers or good-for-TV-ratings people decide one day to become home flippers, and in the space of a magical television hour, they take a home from nightmare to heavenly.

In real life, that’s not how it works. At all.


Renovating your home in Houston starts with a complete examination of each space to determine if any hidden surprises could derail the project. With a finite budget, you want to know upfront if you have to choose between a finished basement or bringing the wiring up to code. And while there are numerous DIY websites and YouTube tutorials for everything from pulling wires to installing a bathtub, there is a reason why tradespeople are educated, trained and certified. When renovations are poorly done or completed by inexperienced persons, your health and safety are at risk. Faulty wiring can cause a house fire. Faulty plumbing can leak water behind your walls, causing toxic mold buildup. Uneven paint jobs can reduce the value of your home, affecting the resale. Misjudging your budget could leave you with a half-finished home, and a lot of resentment.

Skidder Construction does complete renovations efficiently, affordably and using materials and labor that comply with or exceed the requirements of Houston’s building Code. Our tradespeople are licensed and bonded, and quality materials and labour are guaranteed. Your home is where you live, work, love, grow, entertain – it is the heart of your life. We respect your home and use our years of experience to turn it into the most functional and comfortable space you could ever imagine.

A professional renovation can change your home, and your life, for the better. Contact us today to get started.

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